Why Reusable? 

The future is not disposable! Reusable gowns are both an environmentally friendly and cost-effective option. Reusable gowns can reduce medical waste as much as 80 percent. Additionally, our manufacturing operations run on over 90 percent solar energy, a renewable resource that helps reduce our carbon footprint. 

Reusable gowns also protect against supply chain issues. With the Covid19 pandemic, the disposable supply chain was disrupted, causing backorders and stock deficiencies. With reusable gowns, you can extend your supply in a way that is not possible with disposable options. The medical textiles manufactured today bear little resemblance to medical textiles from 50 years ago. Our reusable isolation gowns provide fluid-resistant protection, strength, durability, increased comfort, and allow for sterilization.  

Did you know hospitals go through six million disposable gowns a year? Disposable, single-use isolation gowns are 25 to 50 percent more than the cost of a reusable isolation gown peruse. Increasing your facilities’ use of reusable medical textiles is one way to go green with your operations, reduce medical waste, and improve your bottom line. Hospitals who are introducing reusable garment programs are seeing significant savings in their pocket and on the Earth.

Check out ways our company works towards being environmentally friendly! 

  • We use Sublimation = Zero Water Waste! Did you know that the average dyed shirt wastes 2,700 liters of water!?
  • Using sublimation reduces our energy consumption. It uses 10X less energy than regular dyed fabric.
  • Our precise laser cutter is environmentally friendly because it produces little to no fabric waste.
  • Ou manufacturing factory is almost 100% solar panel powered!
  • Our plastic garment bags are Recycled, Recyclable, and Biodegradable!


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July 20, 2020 — Hannah Abbott

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