Donning Procedure: Putting on Gown

  1. Perform hand hygiene
  2. Set snaps to desired neck width
  3. Enter gown through the vertical opening in the back and insert the head through the neck hole
  4. Extend arms through the sleeves and insert hands into the wrist guard and thumb hole for secure closure
  5. Ensure the belt has been passed through the belt loops of the gown
  6. Grab each end of the belt and securely tie to the side of the body, ensuring vertical opening on the back of the gown is closed
  7. Put on gloves and extend the gloves to cover wrists
  8. If eye or respiratory protection is required, don at this time according to established procedures

Doffing Procedure: Removing Gown

  1. Untie belt, allowing the back of the gown to open
  2. Snaps along the neckline are connected to an easy to grasp pull-cord. Remove the gown by pulling down on the pull-cord in one swift motion, disconnecting the snaps
  3. Further pull the cord forward so that reusable gown can be pulled off the front of the wearer
  4. Remove gloves and dispose of in the waste container
  5. Touch only the inside of the gown with your bare hands and place reusable gown into the laundry
  6. Perform hand hygiene
  7. If wearing eye or respiratory protection, doff at this time according to established procedures
  8. Wash hands or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer immediately after removing all PPE

July 14, 2020 — Hannah Abbott

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