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High Performance Apparel Should Never Compromise 

Who Are We?

For over 15 years, we have been at the forefront of apparel technology, design & manufacturing for elite performance brands around the globe. We believe that medical professionals deserve the same breathability, fit, function, mobility, and attention to performance quality as high performing athletes do. We also know that, just like professional athletes, frontline workers need a product that provides effective and functional protection that eliminates any friction between them and a job well done.

La Forma Medical launched our reusable gown program in partnership with Inova Health Systems. Since then, we have expanded our catalog to include a wide range of reusable products in the healthcare industry. We have developed our high-performance medical garments by working with this renowned hospital system, using focus groups with direct input from esteemed doctors, surgeons and nurses on the front line.

At La Forma Medical we are focused on helping healthcare become sustainable, and shrink their carbon footprint, by aiding the transition from disposable to reusable products. Our reusable garments are built with local and recycled yarns using renewable energy powered operations.

La Forma Med builds unique, high-quality performance products with custom sizing, free art, team stores, and quick turn production in the Americas. By working with professional front line workers and athletes, we know the win is in the details and every last feature is important to your teams’ success and health.

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Reusable is the future

Why Switch to Reusable?

Reusable gowns are both an environmentally friendly and cost effective option. Reusable gowns can reduce medical waste as much as 80 percent. Additionally, our manufacturing operations run on over 90 percent solar energy, a renewable resource that helps reduce our carbon footprint.

Do you know that hospitals in the United States alone use over 250 million disposable gowns a year? Disposable, single-use isolation gowns cost up to 50 percent more than the cost of a reusable isolation gown per use. Disposable, single-use surgical gowns cost up to 85 percent more than the cost of a reusable surgical gown per use. Hospitals who are introducing reusable garment programs are seeing significant savings in their pocket and on the Earth.

Switching from a disposable to a reusable gown program can have the following impacts on your sustainability goals:


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Supply chain security

You're Protected

The Covid19 pandemic highlighted the dangers of the disposable supply chain. With back-orders and stock deficiencies the front line was left with inadequate protection. 
Supply Security: Be immune to any supply chain issue with a reusable gown program and your front line will always be protected. With reusable gowns you can extend your supply in a way that is not possible with disposable options. 
Vertically Integrated Operation: La Forma is a vertically integrated operation protecting against supply chain issues. Locally sourced fabrics and Western Hemisphere operations provide a reliable quick turn and ship program. We offer weekly deliveries, instead of waiting for your order to be complete. 

Thriving Today, Thriving Tomorrow

Our Sustainable Operations

  • Our Manufacturing runs on 90%+ Renewable Energy!
  • Our operations use a mix of solar power, hydropower and geothermal that helps reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact.
  • We use BlueSign Certified textiles to reduce the environmental impact from our textile purchases. 
  • We use 95%+ recycled packaging to limit our waste.
  • Since we use locally sourced textiles, primarily from USA, we also reduce the impact of shipping on our carbon footprint.
  • Our precision laser cutters are environmentally friendly because it produces little to no fabric waste. 
  • Our plastic garment bags are Recycled, Recyclable, and Biodegradable! 

Our Expertise

Fully vertically integrated with the largest sublimation facility in the Americas.

100+ years combined experience in high-performance custom apparel manufacturing.

Design and build for some of the largest performance apparel companies in the world.

High Performance Fabrics

  • Textiles from the USA
  • Luxurious fabrics are moisture-wicking, four-way stretch and UPF 50+
  • Reusable, lightweight, breathable, AAMI level certified, medical materials
  • Custom blends that you can wear from on to off-shift

Team Orders

  • Individual Delivery to Staff Doorstep
  • Custom Built Webstores
  • Apparel for Uniforms, Gifting, Events, & Fundraising Programs
  • Broad Range of Apparel Styles with Custom Branding

We'll open up a team store for you that handles it all! We create you a custom webstore that manages ordering, uniform allowances, individual garment selections, payments, and delivery. This way each team member can order their size and garment directly through the store and on their own time. Store orders can be set to ship individually to each team member or shipped in bulk to one address. Orders that ship in bulk will be packed by name to aid with distribution. Reduce the hassle, work with La Forma Medical to make it easy.

Our Community


The doors to our clinics have been opened since 2000.Our General Medicine and OBYN doctors provide quality medical attetion to about 60,000 patients each year.


We have an on-sitepharmacy, in cooperation with the Instituto Salvadoreño de Seguro Social (ISSS), which distributes medicine to about 120,000 patients a year.



We are constantly lending a helping hand to our neighbouring communities through our construction team.

We have contributed to the development of the area by repairing roads, building pedestrian bridges, building flood relief channels, giving away contraction materials, among others.


0-5 Years Old in partnership with league

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