On your feet for long shifts in high stress environments, you still need to remain calm and focused on the patient’s needs. At La Forma Med, we’re helping eliminate the frustrations of ill-fitting and poorly constructed gowns, so that we can make the workplace safer and allow you to remain calm under pressure.

You’re focused on the patient, we’re focused on you.

We developed our high performance medical garments by working with a renowned hospital system using focus groups with direct input from esteemed doctors, surgeons and nurses on the front line.

Hailing from a background in high quality sportswear, we know that breathability, fit, function, and mobility are all important aspects to getting the job done. We also know that, just like a professional athlete, frontline workers need to have a product that provides high performance protection and eliminates any friction between them and the task at hand.

As a premium garment maker, we are focused on improving the effectiveness of our products, by incorporating valuable features that others may overlook. By working with professional athletes, we know the win is in the details. Every last feature is important to your success and your health

For every purchase, we are donating a mask to workers on the front lines. 

Additionally for every purchase, we are donating a mask to front line workers. It is our responsibility as a community to stand together, yet also apart, for those grocery workers and front line medical staff who help our friends and family get the products and care they need to survive.