Why choose reusable gowns?

At La Forma Medical our mission is to provide high performance reusable medical products that shrink our customer’s carbon footprint and provide substantial cost savings. We believe in the importance of sustainability in the medical industry. Yet, all too often, the sustainable options available aren’t always cost effective. That’s why we’ve worked hard to offer a product that not only helps your healthcare system meet its goals, but also provides long-term cost savings.

We believe that all health systems should be in reusable gowns, (our product or a competitor’s), for three core reasons:

  1. Cost Savings – Disposable Isolation gowns cost up to 50% more than reusables per use, and disposable surgical gowns cost up to 85% more.
  2. Sustainability – Reusable gown programs vs disposable eliminate over 200 tons(!) of solid waste per year for an average health system, while reducing energy consumption by 28%, global warming potential by 45%, and blue water usage by 41%!
  3. Supply Security – The covid pandemic has taught us all the fragility of our supply chains. Reusable gown programs guarantee your staff’s safety and your system’s ability operate no matter what the future may hold. Reusable gowns provide security and flexibility that disposables do not.

So the question really is, Why is a reusable gown program not already industry standard?

We believe it comes down to the simple fact that the previous user experience with reusable gowns was not favorable. “This gown is heavy”, “feels like I am wearing a garbage bag”, “it doesn’t breathe”, “makes me hot”, “terrible fit”, “it requires two people to don and doff and I still have contamination issues”….

At La Forma, we listened. After years of development, we have solved these issues to the point that wearers prefer our gowns to all reusables and disposables in the marketplace. Our patented, breathable, lightweight, performance textiles that meet and exceed all AAMI certifications, combined with our trademarked, feature-focused gown design, makes the wearer comfortable and protected. To learn more please review our informational guide for new customers.

June 29, 2022 — Kellen Brink

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