At La Forma Medical our mission is to provide high performance reusable medical products that shrink our customers carbon footprint. We believe in the importance of sustainability in the medical industry through reusable performance products. We have big goals at La Forma Medical and we’re sticking to them.

Our goal is to manufacture our products with ~90% Renewable energy*. Through a mix of solar power, hydropower & geothermal energy, our operations have achieved this goal for the last three years. We also strive to use BlueSign Certified textiles to reduce environmental impact and utilize over 95% recycled packaging to limit waste. Our garment bags are recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable!

Our geographic proximity in the Americas, with local sourcing and offices out of the US and Central America, allows us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint compared to other global brands. This is a double win, with shorter shipping times and a reduction in energy used to transport our reusable protective garments.

Lastly, by focusing on reusable products, we are able to translate our sustainable goals to other organizations. For example, reusable gown programs vs disposable eliminate over 200 tons of solid waste per year for an average health system. Each partner we bring on board furthers our company mission.

November 08, 2022 — Hannah Abbott

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